Thursday, January 15, 2009

Racist Punch Victim Faces Surgery

A young English woman may need surgery on her face after being violently attacked in Scotland because of her accent.

Lucy Newman, 22, suffered a fractured cheekbone, severed nerves behind her eye and a gash to the bridge of her nose, requiring stitches, after being punched in the face.

Lucy Newman before and after the attack

No one has been arrested for the attack

The swelling has been so severe that she has to wait for it to go down before doctors can tell her if she will need surgery.

Miss Newman had been out clubbing with a pal in Aberdeen when they headed home about 2am on Saturday.

The girls were approached by two men on Union Street, one of whom shouted: "Get back to England you English bastard."

Miss Newman, a 5'3" beauty therapist from Gourdon, near Inverbervie, was then struck in the face by one of the men and fell to the ground.

Speaking to Sky News Online about the attack, she said: "I turned around to see who had shouted when I was hit in the face.

"I fell to my knees straight away. There was blood everywhere.

"My first concern was for my friend, I was worried that they would attack her too so I grabbed her arm, there was blood all over her jacket from my face."

Miss Newman, originally from Cheltenham, has lived in Aberdeenshire for 18 years.

"I have gotten the odd comment about my accent, like when the football is on, but I have never been physically attacked before," she said.

After the attack, Miss Newman described how the two men walked away calmly.

"They just walked off casually as if they did it everyday," she said.

"The other man didn't even react to what had happened."

Grampian Police say they are treating the attack as racially motivated but have made no arrests.